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Design of socially significiant objects
«SCANSTROY» is occupied with the projecting and the design of contemporary, convenient and functional objects.
In its projects, «SCANSTROY» devotes special attention to comfort, practicalness and to convenience in the projected objects and positions these objects as socially useful for the people. For example, sport complexes, schools and kindergartens.
In its work, «SCANSTROY» unites competence, knowledge and experience of many Russian and Swedish enterprises. What distinguishes sport objects in Sweden from the rest? Simplicity of structures, simplicity of forms and at the same time unsurpassed comfort, strict functionality and aesthetical attractiveness.
Project in the understanding of «SCANSTROY» is not just a pack of drawings and documentation folders, it is a sequential plan of all actions and activities, beginning from the generation of the idea of the building, the analysis of the experience of the leading world companies, preparation of tender, the validation of the budget of project, the finances of the budget, coordination of project with the political and personal ambitions of participants,  provision of all participants with the necessary resources, knowledge, cash resources, the preparation of public and political forces, the determination of principles and operating instructions of object, training of personnel.
Guarantee of a complete building cycle from the gluelam
In its projects, «SCANSTROY» uses constructions primarily from the glulam.
There are not many manufacturers capable of producing such glulam frames. For example, in Sweden, with its high level of building from the wood, there are only two glulam factories. After the visiting of one the factories - enterprise “Martinsons”, the specialists of «SCANSTROY» witnessed the top quality of production and carried out the certification of the glued structural elements, which compose the frame body, for the Russian projects.
The technological production line is complex but fully automated. The line is operated by one administrator and 3-4 workers, carrying out operational control and servicing. The control of the incoming lumber is done using more than tens of parameters. In this stage more than 40% of lumber is rejected due to defects.
It should be mentioned that for the production of its glulam, “Martinsons” is using only the spruce, which grows on the north of Scandinavia. The strength characteristics of the northern wood are considerably exceeding the south once; therefore the quality of the finished product is great too. That makes possible for the factories to compete on the international market and to get high demand not only in Sweden but also in other countries.
Without the additional buckles and shanks, a completely wooden glued construction, the factory produces frameworks, both the columns and the overlaps, of up to 80 meters long.
Modern timber building uses new methods of design, manufacturing processes and connection techniques.  The laminated wood is well harmonized with other materials: stone, concrete, steel. It is also well processed by varnishes, waxes, azures and with the correct use has the unlimited period of service.
When planning the insensitivity of constructions from the laminated wood to the high humidity of air should be considered.  Surfaces from the wood massif accumulate moisture from the air and return it again. This is how a natural healthy climate is created. Furthermore, elements from the laminated wood are absolutely hermetic and have high soundproof and heat insulation indexes.
The glulam frameworks are fire-resistant and in contrast to metallic and concrete structures practically do not change their strength characteristics under the action of fire.
Glulam beam is a building material, which has bright, eye pleasant and warm natural tone. It exceeds both the steel and concrete on the relationship of strength to the dead weight.  At the same time, it ensures not only reliability and structural strength, but also aesthetical attractiveness.
The laminated wood constructions are already used for many years in the building of modern structures in Europe and gradually it is receiving a wider acceptance in Russia.
Thermo-insulation sport coating for the ice arenas
The coating for the ice arenas is a double-sided high-quality multifunctional coating. The proposed parquet coating makes it possible to enlarge possibilities of an ice arena and allows to host competitions in the game sports, sport dances and also exhibitions, concerts, discos and other mass activities. The combination of panels arranged from light or dark sides, makes it possible to create the necessary aura in the arena, from the bright active sport games to the respectable comfortable evening.
It is possible to place any image on either working side using the method of lasergraphy. The surface of sport coating is made of the high-strength laminated plywood and is covered with special varnish for the additional wear resistance and the luster. The coating sustains static load of a 3000 km. truck. Technical characteristics of the sport coating make it possible to put it directly on the ice.
The possibility of repairing the surfaces is the major advantage of the sport coating offered. Furthermore, if needed, coating surfaces can be cleared and recovered with varnish without the need of replacing.